HarvestMag was a non-profit, digital magazine for Hebrew Roots / Messianic young people founded in September 2012. A total of ten issues were digitally published from December 2012-2014. Our mission was to encourage, challenge, and inspire young people to stay strong in their faith, share their convictions boldly with others, and to have a deeper and personal relationship with God.


Was HarvestMag in print? Can I subscribe to the magazine? How much does it cost?


No issues of HarvestMag ever made it to print. As it cost us nothing to share the magazine online, we never charged for subscriptions to the magazine. If you would like to browse through our past issues, you can do so here.


When does the next issue come out?


HarvestMag is not currently producing issues. To read more about why, click here to read our final issue.


What is your statement of faith?


HarvestMag was a collective in many ways. Firstly, we were a team made out of eight young people. Most of us had not met each other in real life, and we came from a variety of backgrounds to form this magazine. We have differences in doctrine, but we were able to set them aside to work hand in hand together on something bigger than ourselves.


In addition, each issue of the magazine is a collection of articles and writings from an extremely diverse group. We had contributions from leading Torah teachers, small congregational leaders, and young people. But, even with all of these differences, our contributors were able to put them all aside and come together for one reason. Side by side in the magazine, they all greatly desired to unite as a strong body in Messiah to encourage, challenge, and inspire the next generation to seek the Savior and walk out Torah in today’s upside-down world.


HarvestMag does not have a doctrinal agenda. We do not push any calendar, understanding of God’s name, or divisive theology. We seek harmony and a focus on what is true and most important. There is a place and a time for understanding doctrine, but we are not trying to fill that role.


We believe in one God, the God of the Bible. We believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as our Messiah. We believe that He was crucified, entombed, and then was resurrected on the third day. We believe that we will have eternal life through His work; not through our observance or obedience to Torah. We believe that the laws of God were never done away with and are for us to keep today; we keep the Torah because we love God.



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Credits: I would like to thank all of the young people who dedicated their valuable time, creative energies, and amazing talent into helping put HarvestMag together: Annie Braught (Kerr), Amariah Pinchback, Kelsey Bryant, Mark Day, Matthew Day, Rachel Hamburg, and Zachary Bruno. – Sonja Langford